Live at nature’s rhythm at The Fonclause Estate

Discover the Causses’woods, admire Grey Heron fishing in the lake, wild ducks flying over the house, and deers enjoying tender grass just yards away.

You will be hosted in the recently restored barn, transformed into a generous 300 sq.m comfortable house which can accommodate 8 to 10 guests. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, this historical and exceptional house is the ideal place to enjoy with family, friends, or just for two!


A charming house

An area of outstanding beauty

Next to the house are the former mill owner's house, a painter's studio, an old bread oven, a pond and a large pool overlooking the whole discreetly.

Fonclause patrimoine grange

A preserved patrimony

The stones will tell you the story

About 300 years ago, the millers were busy milling wheat or barley. The monks from the nearby Loc Dieu’s Abbaye, were piling flour bags on horse-drawn carts with wooden and steel wheels. On the path that creeps up the hill, there are still stones that bear the marks of the carts used by the monks. The Fonclause mill was a hive of activity during this time period.